Here is a list and brief description of some of the missionaries supported directly by Pan America Mission:

Rev. & Mrs. Ignacio Guevara
Rev. Guevara is President of our sister organization in Colombia, Mision Panamericana de Colombia. They are co-founders of the Mission. Having pastored a church with now over 6000 people in Colombia, they "retired" to  California, where they started several churches among the Spanish speaking people. He is writing expository bible books, and making tapes for the radio stations in Colombia and the US.
Rev. & Mrs. Ken Brewer
Ken Brewer is President of Pan America Mission and Director of 2 of the Bible Institutes in Colombia. He spends his time between the two institutes and overseeing construction projects as well as ministering at various local congregations.
Rev. & Mrs. Chad Stendal
Called to minister to a tribe of   Indians high in the Andes mountains, they have written several excellent books on their adventures (available from Ransom Press). They continue to minister not only to the Kogi Indians, but to the Spanish speaking populace of Colombia. They have now purchased the former Wycliffe Missionary Center LomaLinda and are using it as a conference and training center. Their son Chaddy and his wife help in the work and ranch as well. They also run a home and small school for the Kogi Indians.
Rev. & Mrs. Russell Stendal
Chad's son and his wife help Chad with the Kogi ministry. Russell was kidnapped by the guerrillas and held captive for ransom. He has written an excellent book about the experience (available from Ransom Press). This experience also opened doors of ministry to the guerrillas, the armed forces and high-up government officials. Russell, his dad and family have recently re-published a Spanish Bible which is equivalent to our King James version. They are printing it in camouflage covers which makes it attractive to both the guerrillas and the armed forces.The first printing of the Bible and a CD ROM version have been distributed. More are being printed as funds become available.
Rev. & Mrs. Robert Hoppe
The Hoppes have been called to minister to another Indian Tribe, the Malayos. They have written an excellent report of their work among the Malayos, which is available through them. At present, they are working with Malayos who have traveled to Bogota to help them with continued New Testament and school book translation.
Rev. & Mrs. Robert Paden
The Paden's have been church planting in the western part of Argentina since 1976. In addition, they are completing an orphanage which will open soon.
Rev. & Mrs. Porfirio Rodriguez
Porfirio is a native of Honduras, where he met his wife Debbie (daughter of a missionary). They ministered for a while in the States and returned to Honduras several years ago to start a church planting ministry. As well as ministering the gospel, they are providing food, clothing and training to the nationals in their area. They received funds recently for church construction from a church here in the States, which sent a team to help with the construction. The needs and opportunities for ministry are great.
Gustavo & Rachel Rendon
The daughter and son-in-law of Robert Hoppe, they are currently studying linguistics. They look forward to joining the Hoppes in ministry to the Malayo Indians.
Rev. Matthew & Erica Hoppe
We are assisting these missionaries with various special projects Mozambique, Africa. Matt flies an airplane for assistance to other missionaries.
Rev. & Mrs. Ira Washburn
Founders of Pan America Mission, who served in Colombia for 20 years laying a foundation for the present work. Mrs. Washburn recently went to be with the Lord. He is now 90 years old and still ministering the Gospel. He is currently writing several books.


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