A Brief History of Pan America Mission, Inc.

Pan America Mission (P.A.M.) was founded in 1958 by Missionaries Ira Washburn and Ignacio Guevara.  It’s purpose was to help meet the need of missionaries whom God had called and sent to Colombia South America and who were not affiliated with any other mission, church, or commissioning body.

In that year, Missionary Ira Washburn (who with his family had spent many years in Colombia establishing churches) was returning to the U.S. after holding meetings in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia and stopped to visit with fellow missionary friends Ignacio and Harriet Guevara.

The Guevara’s who had been pastoring a large thriving work in Bogota were in the process of leaving that church because of a doctrinal conflict and were seeking God’s direction.   

During their visit, and while in a time of prayer God gave them a vision for the future that ultimately brought Pan America Mission into existence. A Word of Wisdom was received from the Lord that Ignacio was to establish a Church in his home in Bogota, and Ira would return to the U.S  from where the Lord would supply their material needs.

Shortly after Washburn’s return to the U.S. financial help started arriving and the need arose to establish a legal entity in the U.S. to respond to the financial offerings being received.  As a result in 1960 P.A.M. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri and is recognized by that State, the State of Oregon and the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. Government.

At the time of its incorporation in 1960 the new church begun in the Guevara’s home had grown to three established churches in Colombia.  Today, at the time of this writing there are over four hundred and fifty National Churches in Colombia, Brazil and Peru associated with P.A.M. and it’s Sister Organization incorporated in Colombia, Mision Panamerica de Colombia (M.P.A.C.).  In addition to church planting M.P.A.C. operates Radio Station “Nuevo Conntinente” located in Bogota and has established three Bible Training Institutes for the training of new pastors.

Through the years, other missionaries have become associated with P.A.M. and M.P.A.C.  At present there are twenty-two Missionaries from the U.S. besides several hundred National Pastors, evangelists and workers who minister among the Spanish-speaking people.  Three Missionary Families work almost exclusively among the indigenous Indian Tribes, translating the Word of God into Indian Languages, teaching them to read, and establishing churches among them.  At present Indian Tribes being reached are: the Ticunas, on the Amazon River located in Colombia, Brazil and Peru; and the Kogi, Malayo, and Choco Tribes in Colombia.

All P.A.M. Missionaries are experienced with proven ministries.  They are accountable first to the Lord for direction and guidance, and also to the Mission and those who support the work of the Mission.  Each Missionary is responsible in raising their own support, thus making them responsible to those who stand behind them in their work.

God has raised up hundreds of missionary minded Christians and churches to support these missionaries, their projects, and ministries.  The donors know that 100% of their donations goes entirely to the missionaries. Overhead expenses for Mission operations come as donations for that express purpose and from a voluntary 1% contribution back to the Mission from the missionaries themselves.  A Board of Directors oversee the Mission and serve the Mission without compensation.

The main objective of the Mission is to extend and reach new areas where the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be proclaimed, and wherever doors are opened and by whatever means the Lord provides and directs.

We invite the inquiries of all Christians, especially those who desire to fulfill a calling God has given them, whether it is to pray, give, or go to the peoples of foreign countries and of other cultures.  To date the work of the Mission has been confined mainly to the Western Hemisphere, particularly in Latin America. The work of the Mission has-been extended to the Spanish-speaking in California, U.S.A. and is headed-up by Rev. Ignacio Guevara and his family.

We shall be pleased to give any other information regarding the Mission upon request.  Such inquiries should be addressed to:  

Pan America Mission, Inc.
P.O. Box 429
Newberg, Oregon 97132

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